Why Being More Productive Does NOT Equal Being More Busy

When it comes to running your business, it’s all too easy to drown under a never-ending to do list. We all know we need to ‘be more productive’ – but often we confuse being more productive with being more busy.

In reality, to be at our most productive, we often need to be LESS busy – setting time aside to focus on us, and not just our businesses. After all, as entrepreneurs, we are our business – and when it comes to creating a personal brand, it’s important to be top of your game. Your energy and motivation levels will show through everything you do, and can totally affect the way others perceive your brand and the vibes you are giving off (let’s face it, we’d all rather buy from someone who is happy, positive and full of energy than someone looking tired and run-down!). Which is why it’s so important we take the time to look after our business’ most important asset. YOU.

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One of the main reasons I set up my own business was to get a better work / life balance. But, the realities of being a multi business owner can mean getting swept up in the day-to-day and neglecting the freedom that running my own business was supposed to allow; something I know many fellow entrepreneurs are similarly guilty of! This week, after a busy few weeks, I downed tools and booked myself in for an impromptu spa day. I put my out of office on, turned my phone off, and spent the day being pampered. When your to-do list feels like it’s only ever growing, the prospect of a day out of the office is scary – but in reality, it was just what I needed, and completely changed my mindset and energy levels, meaning the rest of my week has been far more productive than it would otherwise have been.


When it comes to productivity, yes, it’s important to focus on the tasks that need doing. But it’s important to also factor in some time when you focus on anything but that, to switch off and recharge the batteries.  From blocking out some time each day to go for a walk and get some fresh air, read a book, or go to your favourite gym class, through to spending the day relaxing in a spa or heading to the beach to get a change of scenery, it’s working out what you need to switch off and recharge. We all get our energy from different places, so learn what works for you and build time into your week to set aside for doing more of the things you love.

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By setting more time aside for doing the things you love, you’ll soon find your energy levels increase, your motivation return and your efficiency and productivity skyrocket. It’s time to stop the guilt that so often comes with taking a break, and recognise the huge impact it can have on your business and your personal brand. Creating a personal brand requires energy and consistency, but by making time for you, you can see the effects transform your business.


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